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Baton Rouge area Sites:

Cajun Clickers Computer Club - Baton Rouge Louisiana
Top Recommended Websites

  1. Cajun Clickers Computer Club A local computer club known nationally.
  2. The DJ A free program of over 50 channels of CD quality music through your desktop.
  3. Audionet A worldwide broadcast network of the Internet.
  4. Real Audio A free program and an essential add-on to any browser.
  5. Yahoo Enables you to search the Internet with a directory of categories for web sites.
  6. Thomas, See how your Senator or Representative votes, download legislation before the U.S. Congress.
  7. Tucows has an extensive collection of shareware and freeware for Windows 3.x, 95, and NT.
  8. Newspapers Online is a listing of, and links to, all newspapers worldwide that are online.
  9. Deja News finds newsgroups that deal with a topic or discusses a subject.

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