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In coming months I will be publishing some information on my Mother's family history. She was Marion Agnes Breaux Keller (1931-1990) and the youngest daughter of Nicholas Henry Breaux (1880-1959) and Aline Marie Talbot, {2nd wife}(1891-1957) of Morgan City, Louisiana. Nicholas Breaux was the second son of Camille Edward Breaux, Sr.(1853-1922) and Zulma Falterman (1851-1920). I will publish my family history charts later this Fall. Please feel free to E-Mail me if you have any questions about the Breaux family history. Please visit some of the genealogy links on the Web for more information. These links will lead you to additional links of genealogy information on the internet.

Update: Summer 1998

I have continued to work on the Breaux family history. A small reunion was held over the Thanksgiving weekend which gave me the opportunity to update some of the family information. Some of this information will be published in the Spring on the internet. I have received E-Mail from other Breaux descendents and welcome all request for exchange of Breaux history. Please check back later for more information.

Durwood Keller

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