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Durwood Fincher

Visit His WebSite #1 ------Visit His WebSite #2
America's most unique public speaker from
Georgia. Known as "Mr. Double-talk".

Judge Durwood Conque

Visit His WebSite
15th Judicial District Court - Division. G -
Abbeville, Louisiana.

Durwood J. Zaelke

Visit His WebSite
President and founder of
CIEL & Adjunct Professor of Law.

Durwood E. Bach, D.M.D.

Visit His WebSite
Associate Dean for Hospital Affairs &
Graduate Programs.
Medical University of South Carolina.

Durwood ???

Visit his Website
A really strange site "Ask Durwood"
about a 16 year old high school student
who wants to be a Psychiatrist.

Durwood Merrill

Visit his WebSite #1 ----- Visit his WebSite #2
An Umpire for the American League
of Professional Baseball.

Durwood A. Sanderson

Visit his WebSite
Small time Sign/Design
Sumner, WA

Durwood Tucker

Visit his WebSite
Associate Leglisative Director
Texas Farm Bureau

Durwood Batchelor

Visit His WebSite
Batchelor Supply Inc.
Supplier / Distributor to the
Manufactured Housing Industry.


Durwood E. Sanders

Visit His WebSite (site down)
A page of unknown origin and no information.

"Durwood" on Bewitched

Visit His WebSite (site down)
Endora loved to make Darren mad
by calling him Durwood.

Durwood E. Neal, Jr. , M.D.

Visit His WebSite (site down)
Associate Professor of Surgery/Urology
Graduate of the University of Texas
Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX

Durwood S. Curling

Visit His WebSite(site down)
Executive Director of the Southeastern
Public Service Authority.
From the State of Virginia


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