Impala SS Clubs & Links

GRAIL - Gateway Regional Area Impala SS Lovers
HAIL - Houston Area Impala Lovers
HERD - 1994 - 96 Impala SS Enthusiasts
L.I.S.S.T - Long Island Super Sport Team
MISSL -  Michigan Impala SS Lovers
NASSA - North Alabama Super Sport Association
NAISSO-World Headquarters
NAISSO-British Columbia
OASISS - Ohio Area Society of the Impala SS
ROD - Region of Doom - California
SoCalSS - Southern California SS Owners

SoFASST - South Florida Area Super Sport Team
TAISSO - Toronto Area Impala SS Owners


BRASS Nuts - Baton Rouge Area SS Nuts [CLOSED]
BEASST - New Jersey [CLOSED]

CarISSMA - Carolina Impala SS Motor Association [CLOSED]

HISS - Heart of Illinois Super Sports [CLOSED]
HOSS - Home of the Super Sport - Arlington, TX [CLOSED]
HotSS: Heart of Texas Super Sports [CLOSED]
ISSCONE - Impala SS Club of New England [CLOSED]
KCISS - Kansas City Impala SS [CLOSED]
KISS - Kentucky Impala SS [CLOSED]
LOL - Land of Lincoln Impala Owners [CLOSED]
NAIL - Northwest Area Impala Lovers [CLOSED]
RAISSE - Rochester Area Impala SS Enthusiasts [CLOSED]
SEIL -    Southeast Impala Lovers [CLOSED]
SASS - Southern Arizona Super Sports [CLOSED]
WAIL - Washington Area Impala Lovers [CLOSED]
WIL - Wiregrass Impala Lovers - Florida [CLOSED]


The Impala SS Homepage Created By Rob Cheek. This site is probably the best resource on the net for Impala related information.
Including a very in-depth Technical archive, which will help you make
many nice modifications to your Impala SS.

Impala SS Mailing List

The Impala SS mailing list is at the center of Impala-related discussions. The mailing list is an excellent way for Impala owners to talk with their peers, discuss problems, plan events, and take part in general discussions about the Impala. You should subscribe if you haven't already. Leave the subject line blank and include in the body only subscribe on a line by itself. Be sure to send the e-mail from the account you wish to receive the Impala mail on. If you have troubles, contact the list administrator.

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